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Enchanté, I'm Jane. 

I'm a freelance content producer and science communicator based in Rotterdam. I spent a little over 20 years growing up in a small town called Los Angeles, but migrated across the Atlantic to London and then Brussels to pursue my passions. 

Like most millennials, I love traveling the world and immersing myself in new cultures. But mostly, I just love traveling to spend time with old and new friends, and family. Other key facts to get to know me a little better:

My favourite pastime: sitting at a cafe and people watching (cliché? maybe. enjoyable? truly.) 

My ultimate weakness: ​my dog, Albert (aka: Albie, Obi-wan, Al Pacino)

Hobbies I started during the pandemic: ceramics and handstands.

One thing you should really know about me: I'm not funny, but I'm entertaining. 

All jokes aside,

I take my work very seriously - with a sprinkle of light-heartedness. My greatest professional strengths include a broad range of technical skills, an open-for-feedback attitude, my ability to learn quickly, and my interpersonal skills.


I love working with brands and organisations with a vision for a better world. I have worked with organisations and brands from WWF, to the United Nations, Fairtrade, Rikolto International, EIT Food, FoodUnfolded, European Food Information Council, and I'm always happy to connect and have a chat on how I can help your organisation, brand or project. Get in touch with me in the link below!

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